The Future of Work

Our book “Lead the Work: Navigating A World Beyond Employment” raises a lot of important issues about the future of work. Many HR leaders have thought deeply about these issues, but it’s not always clear what they should do, right now, to prepare for the changes.

How we can help

A great way to start is to map out where the changing nature of work presents the biggest risks or opportunities in your industry.

From there we might:

  • Take a page from IBM’s approach and create an internal group to improve deployment, development and retention.
  • Build your capability to use talent platforms like Topcoder, Tongal, Elance-oDesk and MTurk.
  • Create an integrated framework for talent planning that includes workers outside of an employment relation—a way to get ahead of little problems (like shadow HR departments) before they become big problems.
  • Apply our ‘Lead the Work’ reward framework to effectively extend the use of non-monetary rewards. This brings new degrees of freedom to a reward function that has limited room to increase base pay.


Dr. John Boudreau (University of Southern California), Ravin Jesuthasan, Lucia Erwin, Robin Altman

Where to learn more

Creelman Research Library: LTW

Take the first step

I hope you’ll read the book or related material on the future of work. Then, get in touch if you’d like to discuss how you believe the future of work will impact your industry.


“My collaboration with David Creelman, for well over a decade, has been a source of enlightenment and pleasure. David is a uniquely insightful and generous colleague, as well as a terrific writer. His contributions to many of my books have been pivotal. I can always count on David to offer a new perspective, or a clearer expression of an idea, or an engaging story. I am very fortunate to count David as a collaborator.”

John Boudreau