Coaching Ourselves

CHROs can usually get the budget they need to develop senior leaders and a small group of high-potentials. However, it is hard to provide high-quality, ongoing development for all managers. Many existing solutions, like e-learning, are a bit lame.

I’ve long been a fan of Henry Mintzberg and even in the early days it was clear to me that he had something special with CoachingOurselves. It is an easy-to-run but high impact approach to developing managers.

How we can help

CoachingOurselves uses semi-structured meetings to give managers a chance to reflect on their experience in light of relevant management frameworks. Once managers get the hang of this approach, they don't need a facilitator; this keeps costs down.

We can help you determine how to deploy this learning method to your specific circumstances.


Phil LeNir, Dr. Henry Mintzberg (McGill)

Where to learn more


Take the first step

I’d suggest speaking directly to Phil LeNir, President of CoachingOurselves, or feel free to contact me at and I can explain why I wholeheartedly recommend the program.

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