HR Analytics & Evidence-Based Management

HR is under pressure to “do analytics.” It can often be difficult to get traction because of limited resources, competing priorities or lack of clarity about which analytics will have an impact. Nonetheless, HR knows they need to show they are making progress on analytics or risk being seen as “behind the curve.”

How we can help

We can work with you to accomplish a series of HR analytics “wins” and, in doing so, help you to develop the skills and processes to score the next set of wins on your own.

Our approach leans heavily on the techniques of evidence-based practice. This is a lower risk and more business-focused means of bringing rigour to decision-making than bare analytics.


Dr. Denise Rousseau (Carnegie Mellon), Bob Nagar, Dr. Laurie Bassi. Members of our community of practice include HR professionals from Avon, Chevron, CIBC, Ford, The Gap, Kronos, Marriott, P&G, Royal Bank of Canada, Shell, a major defense conglomerate, and several other leading firms.

Where to learn more

Creelman Research Library: Analytics

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Get in touch and share what, in an ideal world, you’d like your organization to get from HR analytics.


“David Creelman worked closely with us on the final development of the manuscript. His analytical and writing skills were an enormous help to us, and his humorous prods at academia helped us stay practical. He asked the right questions and made our ideas sharper and more user friendly. Thank you, David.”

Ed Lawler & Chris Worley, University of Southern California (from Built to Change)